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    Miriam Frieding

    Carolin Kaufmann

    Christine Lüth

    Yaşar Ohle

    Dr. Lukas Theune

    Hanna Übach

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    Anna Münzner

    Thomas Jennissen

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    Lisa Lührs

    Dr. Lukas Theune
    Criminal Law Specialist

    Dr. Lukas Theune has worked primarily as a criminal defense lawyer since 2015. He also advises clients facing legal and court enforcement and imprisonment. He also advises on cases involving the Right of Assembly and matters to do with the Police or Law Enforcement. He completed his legal training at the Free University of Berlin and his legal clerkship in Berlin and Hamburg. He speaks English and Spanish.

    His Ph.D. thesis was written on the role police play as professional witnesses in criminal proceedings. Entitled in German Polizeibeamte als Berufszeugen in Strafverfahren and was published by Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft. → Publication

    → Republikanischer Anwältinnen- und Anwälteverein
    → Vereinigung Berliner Strafverteidiger*innen e.V.
    → Rote Hilfe e.V.
    → Lawyers for future e.V.

    Rechtsgebiet → Criminal Law

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