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    Einar Aufurth

    Miriam Frieding

    Carolin Kaufmann

    Christine Lüth

    Yaşar Ohle

    Dr. Lukas Theune

    Hanna Übach

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    Anna Münzner

    Thomas Jennissen

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    Lisa Lührs

    Migration Law

    There are many, often complex, reasons for migration. We’re here to represent you in asylum-seeking and Residence Law. We help you on the often complicated path to a legal and rightful residence in Germany.

    Asylum Law

    If you’re in Germany because you can no longer stay in your country of origin, you can apply for asylum. We represent you in the asylum procedure involving the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and accompany you through all stages of the procedure.

    Obtaining legal assistance early is highly recommended as the procedure is complicated, and often administrative errors are made. Most importantly, being well prepared for the hearing (interview) is vital for the success of your application.

    If your application is rejected, we can represent you to appeal this decision.

    Right of Residence

    The right of residence is about being able to stay (legally) in Germany. There are many different reasons for this. Some of them include family, education or studies or employment. There are often additional personal reasons why you cannot or do not want to return to your home country.

    We advise you comprehensively on the options available specific to your situation. Often, legal advice is beneficial before making initial contact with the immigration authorities.

    In situations with existing disputes or complications with the immigration authorities, we can also step in to help.

    In cases of an existing residence permit, we can discuss the possibilities of extension or permanent residence. If an application has been rejected, we will take legal action on your behalf.

    Representing You in Asylum and Residence Law

    Please keep all letters you have received from any authorities, courts, or other legal agencies in a safe place! If you receive letters in a yellow envelope, keep the envelope as well. In most cases, there is a deadline from the day you receive the letter. Do not waste time finding out what is demanded of you before that deadline.

    Please make an appointment for all inquiries!

    If you have trouble communicating in English or German, please bring an interpreter to your appointment with the immigration authorities. If no one is available, we will try to assist as best we can with the mediation.

    Please note we do not complete applications for you, and we cannot help you fill out forms and documents.

    If you need assistance with this — especially if you do not speak German— there are numerous counseling centers, some of which we closely cooperate with: → list of counseling centers

    Lawyers → Christine Lüth     → Miriam Frieding

    Contact 030 23 56 44 36