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    Legal fields

    Family Law

    Migration Law

    Social Law

    Criminal Law

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    Our lawyers

    Einar Aufurth

    Miriam Frieding

    Carolin Kaufmann

    Christine Lüth

    Yaşar Ohle

    Dr. Lukas Theune

    Hanna Übach

    Legal Office Partnership

    Anna Münzner

    Thomas Jennissen

    Former Lawyers

    Lisa Lührs

    Criminal Law

    As criminal defense lawyers, we represent you in all stages of criminal proceedings. If you have received a summons from the police or if you have already received an indictment or a penalty order, contact us immediately.

    Cases with political contexts and societal implications are one of our specialist fields.

    A particular focus of our work in Criminal Law is on political proceedings, such as charges arising from protesting, such as breach of the peace, or proceedings under Sections 129a, 129b of the German Criminal Code (StGB).

    Other Criminal Law Areas

    We also represent people defending matters in

    Please note our law firm does not defend people accused of sexual violence, such as rape or racially motivated crimes. We also do not represent perpetrators of crimes committed under right-wing ideologies.

    Consultation: When to Make an Appointment?

    If you are accused of a criminal offense, we are committed to defending your rights in all phases of the proceedings. The common knowledge is that the sooner you seek legal advice, the better! Decisive decisions and protective measures can, and should, be made before coercive measures such as searches, seizures, or pre-trial detention are threatened or already taking place. Therefore, do not hesitate to make an appointment for a consultation.

    Lawyers → Einar Aufurth     → Carolin Kaufmann
    → Christine Lüth     → Dr. Lukas Theune

    Contact 030 23 56 44 36

    Received a Yellow Envelope Letter? Do not wait to act!

    Attention: Letters in a yellow envelope trigger a deadline. If you fail to respond or act in time, a penalty order, for example, will become legally binding. Therefore, please contact us immediately!